Thursday, September 06, 2007


Dear Second City Sarge,

On behalf of the entire Mike Mette Defense Fund Committee, I would like to personally thank-you for actively keeping your site's readers up to date on activities run by this committee. It has always been the goal of this committee to "get the word out" on Mike's battle against this great injustice. Your site has been instrumental, in doing just that. With your help along with several other blogs, we have raised a substanial amount of money for Mike's legal defense and just as important, we have gained a large amount of supporter's, who have provided the moral support needed by Mike and his family. Mike has exactly 60 days before he has to report to prison and his defense team is dilligently working on preparing briefs and other legal documents to keep him out. We, like you and your readers stand firm on our cause and are doing everything possible to help Mike!
Thank-you again for all your support!

Dennis McEnerney
Mike Mette Defense Fund


Anonymous said...

You are a good man,god bless you for going out of your way to help a brother in need.
It's a shame more of us don't follow your lead and just spread the work load and help each other,instead of this childish bickering and complete laziness.
We should be ashamed by the state of our Dept and its culture of selfishness.
Way to lead by example!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully common sense will prevail and Mike and his family will stop living this nightmare.
Its admirable of the committee to sacrifice so much with the only reward being the justice that Officer Mette deserves.
In this current age of the tact teams sitting in their offices playing video games all day,uniformed officers riding past in progress jobs unless they are assigned,and Det's who treat the P.O.'S like they are bothering them,it is good to see good old fashioned camaraderie.
This is what needs to be instilled by an actual leader in the Sup's spot.The silence from 35th street is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Could you pease post the address for donations again.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.