Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I was listening to Michael Savage today and he refered to a story about the Marines not allowed to film on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Today I personally spoke to Larry Kelly who is the Location Manager for USMC Television Commercial project. He told me that:

1. He had been in conversation with Stefanie Coyote, Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Commission for the last two weeks. The Marine Corps wanted to film a recriting commercial on California Street. Stefanie Coyote refused to give the Marine Corps permission to film the commercial if there were going to be Marines on California Street.

2. The Marince Corps had hoped to film a commercial with Marines on the pedestrian walkway on the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge District Director of Public Affairs, Mary Currie, told Larry Kelly, "Not on my bridge are you going to put your Marines."

With our men and women of the Marine Corps and every other branch of the military currently serving our country in harm's way, the statements and conduct of these petty bureaucrats is especially egregious.

I have written letters to all nineteen members of the Golden Gate Bridge District Board and every member of the Board of Supervisors. I urge you to do the same.

The San Francisco Film Commission meets on the fourth Monday of every month (September 24th) at 1400 hours, room 416 of City Hall. Let's fill the meeting with veterans and those that respect the young heroes that are serving our country. Lets inform the Film Commission how we feel about their outrageous and shabby treatment of members of the USMC!


Anonymous said...

I think that it is time to tell cities like San Fran that when there is a natural disaster, don't expect any help from the federal government, because the military might be involved, and we know how they feel about the military. Watch the crying then

Anonymous said...

Why do the UNITED STATES MARINES need a permit anyway? If I was a cop assigned to the job of MARINES trespassing there is NO WAY I would lock them up.

Anonymous said...

I bet if it was for Batman they could film there

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is just like 023 but ten times bigger. Naive and totally unprepared for the real world.

rosco said...

Those jarheads would probably damage the bridge. Thats why they are not wanted on the bridge. They could put on their sailor suits and go on a boat under the bridge. After all they are just armed sailors. Under the Dept. of the Navy, eh?

Anonymous said...

I wish Rosco would suck my rosco.

Anonymous said...

San fran is a liberal haven, a beautiful city with ugly ultra-left people.

Anonymous said...

Rosco before you go spouting insults about the Corps learn your history. The Marine Corps is a Department of the Navy but it is in no way under or a part of the Navy. It sounds like you're a little jealous. Maybe you couldn't be one of the Few, the Proud so like any other whining kid you show your true side

Anonymous said...

This was about traffic control, not dissing Marines. You can read what the Golden Gate Board said about it at http://goldengate.org/board/2007/Agendas/documents/Bd070928s5ConsCal.pdf

Ms. Kupersmith provided a brief report on a recent situation regarding the filming of a commercial by the U.S. Marine Corps on the Golden Gate Bridge. She stated that inaccurate facts about the situation were presented by radio personality Michael Savage on his web site and radio show as to why and how the filming
permit was denied. Ms. Kupersmith explained that the U.S. Marines requested to film the commercial during a weekday time that would have significantly impacted traffic flow and traffic safety. Consistent with District practice, they were offered an alternative weekend when traffic impacts would be minimal. They chose not to film at the alternative time offered.

Ms. Kupersmith further stated that Mary Currie worked with the location manager for the U.S. Marine Corps’ production company to find two alternate locations:
one at Kirby Cove and one at attery Spencer, both in the GGNRA Marin Headlands, and the commercial was successfully filmed on September 11th, with the Golden Gate Bridge displayed prominently in the commercial.

You can see the awesome shot the Marines got with the bridge at
Just click "Our Marines in San Francisco."

The same bridge supervisor, Mary Currie, had a bunch of anti-war protesters arrested on the bridge earlier this year.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.