Sunday, January 13, 2008


Mary Mitchell, aka Mope-rah, via SCC, is at her journalist best again. Mary claims 12 P.O's and 2 detectives showed up at the "victims" apartment to "railroad" her son of a serious crime...blah, blah, blah.
Mary takes the word of the complainant at face value. Did this "so called" journalist do any investigating? I seriously doubt it. Beside the complainant and her children, are there any corroborating witnesses i.e. other residents, the land lord? Mary is a race baiting police hater and the truth is not as important as the target of that hate.
Mary writes this article as a letter to new Superintendent Weis. The sad part is the Sun-Time and its editorial staff chose to make this a Sunday front page headline. If you want to read the whole rotten piece, be my guest. The demise of that rag sheet couldn't come fast enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Disgraceful writing at its best!
I have issues with several allegations contained in this article.
1) that Mama, who is educated and employed, failed to obtain or recall even one name or star#, or car# or outside # of a squad on the scene.
2) That Mama never bothered to call and request a Sgt. respond to this alleged incident.
3) That the alleged "mixup" briefly described in the column was a lot more serious than what Mitchell glossed over. I'm sure there will be another side released about this entire incident soon.
4) Having been black all my life, I would certainly recall if any law enforcement official ever approached me and referred to me by the N word (and yes, it has happened). I've had to investigate many complaints alleging its use by officers. Usually the complainant recalled very clearly WHO said it.
I don't fault Mitchell for writing about a citizen's negative encounter with police. What I do fault her for as a writer is for not asking better questions, and seeking more thorough answers to the questions she asked. I have more issue with the Sun Times executive staff who decided this column deserved a page 1. I can't say I won't read the sun times again, but it will ONLY be on the internet, or by finding one that hasn't yet been put into service at the local fishmarket.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say, I will not buy one more copy of the suntimes, why would I dare contribute to this writers' lies, only in America, could someone keep getting away with such hatred to our officers, shame on you Mary.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jemima pancakes
without her syrup
is like the spring
without the fall.

There's only one thing worse
in this universe,
that's no Aunt Jemima at all.

Please keep in mind that this is an open blog
that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.