Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I recently received an email asking me to create a post or at least a link for a man running for 19th Ward Republican Committeeman. I have voted Republican since I was 18 and Ronald Reagan was the first man I voted for President. I have no problem, as most policemen I know, letting it be known that I am a conservative. Unfortunately the City of Chicago and the County of Cook are devoid of any serious Republican candidates. The Republican Party of Illinois has been so weakened by the corrupt George Ryan that a man like Rod Blagojevich can be elected governor and we are represented by liberal senators like Durbin and Obama.
I decided to visit Patrick Guest's website and concluded that Mr. Guest deserves the support of 19th Ward Republicans.
"If the Republican Party is going to be viable in the future it must start at the bottom - at the Ward and Precinct level." Jim Guest
If anyone else would like to place a link for a local Republican candidate please send your request via email to


Anonymous said...

Take a republican ballot, and vote for Pat Guest

Anonymous said...

"Pat Guest, before it is too late"

Anonymous said...

you can bet i will vote for mr, GUEST the GINGER lady only knows wel connected neighbors and close family friends which leaves out 99 percent of working coppers and firemen, you only have to look at this job and see who are the top dogs with the big nuts and where they reside at. go for it PAT GUEST

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.