Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The city council confirmed the appointment of Jody Weis as the new Superintendent of the Chicago police Department. Tribune Sun-Times
In a nearly unanimous vote, the Chicago City Council today approved the appointment of Jody Weis as the next Chicago police superintendent, the first outsider to hold the post in four decades.

Jody Weis will consider hiring someone outside the department — possibly from the FBI like himself — to run the Internal Affairs Division that investigates police misconduct.

“That’s an area where I would consider bringing in an outside person to head that up,” Weis said in an interview today with the Chicago Sun-Times before he was confirmed by the City Council. “I just think it might be a fresh time for that.”

A couple of weeks ago I predicted that Debra Kirby would be one of the three big heads to get the axe.

In recent City Council hearings, Weis was pressured by some aldermen to pick an African-American as first deputy, but he has refused to make any promises about whom he will select.

Good for him! He should be picking someone based on their qualifications and not their skin color. According to certain aldermen, whites, Latins and
Asians need not apply for the First Deputy position due to the fact that the Superintendent is white.
The politics of race has been running this department far too long.


Anonymous said...

First Bitches.... This just in!!!

The Chicago Police Department stated in a press release that in lieu of a new superintendant, they are also changing the logo of teh Chicago police department. The New logo will be condom with a blue and white checkerboard boarder. This Change has been announced because it more accurately reflects the New Chicago Police Department's stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

Anonymous said...

Well Hello SCS,

SAC Weiss has an impressive resume and practical experience and it shows. The guy is brilliant. If his proposal to due an audit on shootings that have happened in the five years actually happens the truth mat come out. This report may show that coppers have had to kill some very unpleasant folks who were hellbent on being a threat to society. HAVE NO FEAR! This report may diffuse all of the nonsense of a storm trooper culture in the CPD.

As far as bringing in an outsider to run IAD that is a no brainer. You have to have new objective leadership in IAD. Putting insiders in charge of IAD has done nothing to stem the flood of guys having to stay at the MCC due to misdeeds, thievery, and just plain corruption of the most vile and venal variety. The outsider does not have to be an FBI executive, but what other agency has developed the sort of expertise in pursuing corruption and civil rights violations other than the FBI or DOJ/OIG.

Charles Williams is a no brainer for the First Deputy slot. There are no other exempts (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian) who have a resume as impressive as Charles Williams. He is a palatable choice due to his long standing TS/SCI security clearances, his demonstrated management ability, communications skills, and history at putting dirt cops in jail dating back to the Gloria Steele investigation. He is not perfect but he is the best that the CPD has to offer at this time for the First Deputy slot. Who has his breadth and scope of experience on the CPD? If you look at it from a race neutral perspective, Charlie Williams fits the bill. The FEDS like and trust him, he is articulate and camera friendly. He is also an old westside copper who is familiar with corruption trends on the CPD, knows the inside scoop on the various community activists, and has fought the Daley administration along with Sgt. Thomas Northfell regarding the Lt. promotional exam scam. The guy has balls.

SAC Weiss will lead and bring about change. The department will emerge with a new academy, a strong and consistent disciplinary process, and a transparent promotional system. It is obvious due to his selection and confirmation, that at this time, no CPD exempts were ready to take over the department at this this time!

GOD Bless the CPD!

Former CPD Triple Deuce/ Working 1811 FED!

Anonymous said...

Former CPD Triple Deuce/ Working 1811 FED!
please leave this blog too.

Anonymous said...

One jogger versus 12,000 coppers. No f#$%ing way this is gonna work.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this, "working fed", but you REALLY don't know what the other exempts have on their resumes. You left a long time ago, and a lot has changed in the leadership of the CPD.
Eugene Williams, I'm sure, also holds an equally impressive resume.
Lt. Berscott Ruiz also has an impressive resume.
Sgt. Tammie Pena of Gang Intel.
Lt. Debra Pascua. Lt. Ricardo Pavon. Sgt. David Betz. A number of commanders promoted in the last three years also have impressive resumes, with a variety of experience on many levels. The list goes on, so I won't. Lots of qualified people on this job, with lots of education and expertise, in various ranks, in all shades of the rainbow. Maybe what should be focused on in this blog should be the Dept.'s misdirection of the talent available, if anyone bothered to check the resumes of those already employed by the CPD.


Hey triple deuce working 1811 FED....GO AWAY!!!!..You left the CPD...why are you here?? Shut your yap and go investigate some money laundering sceme somewhere...

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this, "working fed", but you REALLY don't know what the other exempts have on their resumes. You left a long time ago, and a lot has changed in the leadership of the CPD.


Thanks for your perspective. And you are correct I left the job in 1993. Unfortunately a lot of the true talent on the CPD has never been allowed to rise to senior executive positions on the job. The folks with integrity, talent, and vision have chosen not to kiss the crusty rings adorning the fingers of the political Mandarins of the city who come in a variety of hues and races. Like you I hope Supt. Weis will recognize the talent he has available on the CPD and develop them as future executives. Good luck in your career and GOD Bless.

Former CPD 222 Working FED

silly, silly, silly said...

Hey mom are you out there, the dispatcher just denied my lunch and I need my peanutbutter and jelly.

If there are two SGTs in the watch and both are males which one is mom and which one is dad. The desk forgot to indicate it on the sheets.

If both are female its a little easier, just look for the one with the mustache...

Sorry ladies, Just being a little silly!

Anonymous said...

"Former CPD 222 Working FED"

You left in 1993 and you still come to this blog? You are truly a looser. The fact that you think Charles Williams is a good pick shows how much of a jagoff you really are. Don't you have some suitcases to check, former CPD dog working TSA?

Anonymous said...

Former CPD 222 Working FED


Someone post who this guy is and
THEN go to and post his personal address.

Perhaps he will be smart enough to leave.

A friend said...

Charles Williams is an effective leader, whether many of us here like him or not. He has been around the block a few times, isn't shy about calling a wrongdoing copper just that, and isn't concerned about the negative image of tossing someone in the slammer if it should have to come to that. Actually, we've needed more CWs on this job than we've had. Williams is, in my opinion, the frontrunner to become our next 1st Deputy, so get used to that idea. I just hope the guy develops something he has lost along the way up the ladder....just a small amount of flexibility. Don't assume that a rock is a rock because it appears to be one.
Check it out at all angles. More people on this job perform their daily duties with dignity and professionalism than not. Acknowledge THAT, Charlie. I know you've got to wield the sword sometimes, and we all expect you to when the time is right for that.
Just don't be so fast to paint a scenario with the same pastels, and you'll do fine. You've been a leader all your career, and should you be the chosen one for the number 2 spot, I wish you the best, because I know you'll only do your best. Congrats (in advance).

Tired of the Sh' said...

When are they going to make more Sgt's? My log is crowded enough as it is every night and if I am going to have to be a babysitter it would be nice if we could get some help!

Tired and Overworked said...

When are we gonna to get some new sgts? We need some help if we are going to be babysitting all the time!

Anonymous said...

Charlie Williams is an avowed racist and a wife beater. Violence against women will never be tolerated in this society,as a woman I find it sick and disgusting. I will personally call the National Organization of Women to bear attention and outrage.

Anonymous said...

I find the Mom and Dad commentary insulting.

Anonymous said...

222 former CPD alleged FED is a fraud. I was a Sgt in the deuce from 91 to 94 and there was nobody there who went to the Feds at that time and certainly not one of the regulars on 222. I rode with those guys all the time, they were a couple of old task force guys and have long since retired. Whoever this fraud is he's a POS or he would really identify himself. TROLL> > > >

Anonymous said...

When are the new moms and dads going to be promoted? Will there be 50 promoted again (15 merit). Shit, at this rate (35 off the list) some of us will never get promoted.

Your Sgt Mommy and Daddy

Anonymous said...

222 former CPD alleged FED is a fraud. I was a Sgt in the deuce from 91 to 94 and there was nobody there who went to the Feds at that time and certainly not one of the regulars on 222. I rode with those guys all the time, they were a couple of old task force guys and have long since retired. Whoever this fraud is he's a POS or he would really identify himself


Wow Sarge,
Sarge I was the real police before the Rodney King incident. Don't put someone down for being smart enough to seek opportunity outside the CPD. In my posts I have never criticized working coppers. I have only critized inept bosses with no integrity, politicians who desire to whore out the CPD, and so called community leaders who have sinister agendas that include emasculating the department.

When I came on the job my first watch commander was Captain Bells in 009. I also worked with Lt. Russ Madea in da Deuce. Bro I was in Gangs South working for Captain Radtke. I after Gangs South I was dumped to the Deuce. I worked for DC Eddie King and he blessed my move to the FEDS before he became an ADS. I liked ADS King because he was a cop's copper and he did not play racial games. He supported me without taking my race into consideration.

Two or three other guys in the deuce went to the FEDS before me. Unfortunately I couldn't go to their agency (I believe DEA or FBI and ATF)because of my eyesight so I applied to and entered another federal law enforcement agency as an 1811 Federal Criminal investigator. In New York City I worked on several FBI Task Forces including the JTTF. So Paisano if you can make a move and have it work for you, I promise I will not envy you. Take care and GOD Bless the CPD.

Former CPD 222 Driver/ Proud Working FED

1/20/2008 07:12:00 PM

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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