Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This from the Northwestern University, Medill School publication called
Medill Report.
Police corruption divides candidates in domestic abuse debate
by Erica L. Green
Jan 16, 2008

Racial profiling, police intimidation and surface-level investigations by the police department are primary obstacles in domestic abuse prosecutions, according to some Cook County state's attorney candidates.

In a forum sponsored by the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network Tuesday, candidates tried to explain dwindling numbers of domestic abuse prosecutions, to which some attributed to an intimidating front line.

“The problem is trust,” Ald. Howard Brookins (21st) told a crowd of law students and domestic abuse advocates at a candidates forum at the Chicago-Kent College of Law. “The problem is that the first responder is the police and people have an inherent distrust of police.”

Nice try Howard. The forum was about dwindling prosecutions not arrest. The ineptness of the CCSA is widespread. As usual Howard rather blame the police then assign any responsibility to the judges, prosecutors and uncooperative victims.

Be aware of this hack too. Larry Suffredin is no friend of the police.
Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin said that one of the crisis of the criminal justice system is the belief that the state’s attorney’s office is an extension of the police department.

He contended that instead, police departments need to be audited more aggressively, confronted when their tactics are crossing the line with victims, and officers should be indicted when victim complaints are found to be true.

The reporter for Medill, Erica Green, does some real digging.
Brookins’ ward police responded to 42 reports of domestic abuse in an 8-day time span, between Jan. 1 and Jan. 9. Only seven arrests were made.

Did Ms. Green ever think to ask someone from the police department how that could possibly be? Here are a few points to consider Ms. Green.

1) How many of the 42 calls did a victim actually allege violence or the threat of violence? Does that term "domestic abuse" include domestic disturbance calls? There is no crime when two "adults" have a argument.

2) Of the calls that violence or the threat of violence is alleged, how many case reports were generated? I would be willing to bet 100%. How many of the victims were advised warrant and order of protection procedures? I would be willing to bet 100%. How many of the victims were given domestic violence information sheets? I would be willing to bet 100%.

3) In cases where the victim alleged violence or the threat of violence, how many times was the offender on scene upon police arrival? I bet At least 7 times and if there were more then the victim more then likely refused to sign complaints.


sgtobie said...

On a sadder note the best desk sergeant ever, Bill Lytton retired. He will be missed.

good for Bill said...

I'll bet Bill isn't the least bit sad.

Anonymous said...

He already is missed.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Howard Broke-kins says---

It's all y'all white peoples fault.

Anonymous said...

remember it is not your fellow officer that is screwing you over it is the SHITTY (AKA MAYOR DELAY)

Anonymous said...

Then again, where are the unions? Why aren't they disputing these comments. The union only knows one thing, and that is silence.

Anonymous said...

Of all my domestic battety arrests in my short career, all have ended in the victim not showing up in court, and have been told by victims "I'm not showing up to court"" I just want him outta here". And I still did the paper, and I always tell victims what the deal is, a report and referal and a phone number for help, to get a warrant and/or order of protection.

What bunch of lies and BS from NU. People in a classroom that have never been on the street telling other people who have never responded to a domestic violence call what goes on. Classic liberal BS. No clue and have never been there in the first place are now experts on the matter in order to sell books and seat money at a University.

Balance said...

Put 'Pit Bull' Peraica in as State's Attorney, then sit back and watch the show.

There has got to be enough voters in the sane parts of the city and the rest of Cook County to get this done.

Let's hope Brookins gets the Dem nomination, then it won't be just one side of the coin playing the race card.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, if Brookins gets the nod you can bet all those democratic hacks will be out in force ringing your door bell for a vote. I hate all those suckholes who sold out for a better assignment. I bet they're sorry now having to freeze their asses off ringing door bells and buying golf tickets.

Anonymous said...

Bill Lytton was the best! I hope his retirement is a long a fruitful one! Hey Bill, you should be in Hawaii right now, it's too cold to stick around here!
Love you, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Screw Brookins. Alvarez is the best candidate in the bunch. Peraica won't ever get my vote again; he really showed his ass when he lost to Stroger, barging into 69 W. Washington, attempting to demand a recount....what a total putz/loser. At least be a man about it when an election doesn't go your way. No way will I waste a vote on that clown again.
Go Alvarez!

Anonymous said...

I agree about Alvarez-and when I've asked coppers who had cases with her- it's always a thumbs up. One copper even said he'd go vote just to vote for her.

channel seven had the CCSA candidate's debate- Allen looked like a clone of bilandic, Brewer looked like someone kept having to prod him awake, sufferin was sufferin' and the rest just looked like machine hacks. Alvarez was the only one rooted in reality.

I'll be voting for her too!

What we need is blood in the water said...

"Peraica won't ever get my vote again..."

Who hates Daley, Stroger, Burke, et al., more than Tony Peraica?

And is a candidate in this contest for Crook County State's Attorney?

Tell me that hate isn't the motivation needed for our next State's Attorney to do what the Feds appear unwilling to do?

You want a shot at bringing down the Crook County Democratic Machine's criminal enterprises, place your bet on hate, not moderate ability.

I don't see Alvarez being, in any way, aggressive concerning political corruption.

And the rest of the motley crew of garbage the Democrats are puking on us aren't worth a wet fart.

Whether you like or dislike Peraica, respect or despise him, he's the only one who'll dedicate himself to ripping new assholes in the butts of the assholes robbing us blind.

Like our founding Fathers intended, keep the checks and balances alive and aggressive, by electing a Republican as our State's Attorney, then, sit back and enjoy the show.

Think about it said...

These Democrats are really something else, especially Milan, Suffredin and Allen, the Three Stooges wannabees.

Milan has the FOP touting for him, claiming, in his commercial, that ALL 10,000 CPD officers are 'behind' his candidacy.

What a crock.

Suffredin, with his badly fit toupee, has the gall to brag about his 'efforts' to ban 'assault weapons' and promises to rid Crook County of gun shops, like that's gonna magically make everybody soooooo much safer......

Allen's tv ad is more interestingly deceptive.

In it, he has an elderly white lady actually saying that she's grateful that Allen paid attention to her, in this perhaps fictitiously embellished little fable, amazingly 'cared' about her concerns, despite her self-proclaimed status of being a 'nobody', and, being that she's someone who doesn't 'know' anyone, why, Allen is just this wonderful fellow, to be so generous with his precious time, to 'bother' with her interests.

Unfucking believable.

Allen's ad shows clearly the contempt in which he holds the voters of this city and county.

Are we to assume, and accept, as undeniable fact, that we are all unworthy of having our concerns considered, all but those who 'are somebody' and 'know somebody'?

Are we all to never question an alderman's being 'too busy' to, as a matter of routine, actually do the work for the money that we pay him?

Are we to meekly accept, nay, embrace, the concept that, if we're 'nobody dat nobody sent', we're shit outa luck?

Are we to believe this shit, about how we should be sooooooo grateful, that our alderman has taken the time to 'listen' to our pathetic, undeserving complaints, let alone miraculously do something to assist us, us being all we low-life commoners?

Allen's arrogant ass shows itself at the end of this ad and smugly mutters that he'd 'appreciate' our vote.

What a jagoff.

As for Brookins and Brewer, the Beavers Twins, no comment is needed.

Alvarez, while borderline fuckable, isn't likely to have the balls to go after the corruption that we, the citizens of Crook County, need our State's Attorney to be dedicated to going after.

She's worked her entire career under the thumbs of Daley's hack Devine, so there's no reason to think she'd do anything but maintain the status quo concerning Daley's free pass policy for criminal Democrats.

Peraica is the only choice, for those who have grown weary of waiting for the Feds to do their fucking job and indict these motherfuckers already.

Peraica really hates these cocky motherfuckers, from 'Dum Dum' Daley, Mike 'da Mick' Madigan, 'Bullshitter' Burke, et al, to 'Simple' Stroger, 'Big Hog' Beavers, Jesse 'the Jagoff' Jackson Jr., 'Easy' Emil Jones, et al, he hates them all.

What more motivated person could we want as our State's Attorney?

The Republicans see this clearly, thus, no challengers for this office in the Republican Primary.

No matter which piece of shit the Democrats put up, Peraica is the guy to put in this office, hands down.

The only other thing is, which Democrat will be the weakest candidate?

I'm voting in the Democratic Primary, just to try to ensure that only weak Democratic candidates make it to the General Election.

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