Monday, January 21, 2008


Over at the FOP website, under Fraternal Issues, you can read a letter sent to the lodge by Terry Knox.
My name is Terrence Knox and I am writing this e-mail to request assistance from your Police Officer Fraternal Organization membership.

Briefly, in 1969 I was working as a Chicago Police Officer when I was shot by Joseph Pannell. Joseph Pannell has been one of the most wanted offenders in Chicago history as he has been in hiding for over 30 plus years for this Attempted Murder of a Chicago Police officer.

In July of 2004, through the efforts of Chicago Police Superintendent Cline, the Chicago Police Cold Case Squad, Local FBI and the GREAT Officers of the Canada Police forces, Joseph Pannell was finally located and arrested.

Since July, Joseph Pannell (AKA Gary Freeman/Douglas Norberg) has done everything possible not to be sent back to face trail in Chicago. This includes having his family set up rallies, web pages, letter writing campaigns, saying it is legal to have shot a police officer in 1969 due to the then civil unrest, and putting pressure upon the Canadian government not to send him back per our US/Canadian treaty.

Because I am only one person, I am asking that you ask your membership to write the Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and Canada's Prime Minister asking for their immediate assistance in this matter in sending Joseph Pannell back to Chicago to finally stand trial. Their mailing address is below:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

Main Switchboard:

Paul Martin
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2
e-mail address

I ask your membership to support a former fellow police officer. Remember "Victims of Crimes" deserve their day in court just as offenders do. Lady Liberty is "Blind" to offenders and victims when passing out justice but at the end of the day :We all (including the victims) need our day in court to come to some form of closure.

Without the support from all police officers I fear Joseph Pannell will use his side in the press to present only one side and use what ever means is at his disposal to force the Canadian Government to allow him to stay in Canada even though he is not a citizen and there illegally for over 30 years living under a false name.

I really need the voices of the U.S. Law Enforcement Community and Victims of Crime Community to help me ask the Canadian Government and the U.S. State Department to approve the return of Joseph Pannell to Chicago to finally stand trial before the witnesses and the victim die as we are all in our later years of life.

Thank you for taking time to read this and your consideration in assisting me.

I can be reached at or 312-364-7878

Thanks again,

Today we read with great joy that Joseph Pennell will be tried here in Chicago. This is not the end of the Terry Knox story but after 39 years Joseph Pennell will finally be brought to justice.

Joseph Pannell has given up his fight to stay in Canada.

The Mississauga News has learned that the 58-year-old Mississauga father of four will be extradited to Chicago in the coming days, where he will soon appear in a Cook County courtroom to face allegations he tried to kill a police officer there years ago.....(more)


leomemorial said...
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Anonymous said...

I just hope that our court system does not screw this one up also.

leomemorial said...

Terry is AWESOME. He was denied Sergeant because of his disability because of this goof. He has waited all these years and has been quite ... tolerant due to what he's been through.

** Update ** The Prime Minister has not contacted Terry about this and he thinks this is a ploy by Pennell...

Ret. Sgt. in AR said...

Give the asshole the fair trial to which he is entitled, then take him out back and shoot him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom

Anonymous said...

I find it rather amusing that pannell credits obama with his decision to get his life straight.

Anonymous said...

pannell credits obama

that explains it all

Anonymous said...

He does look Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
He does look Canadian.

Sun Jan 27, 09:34:00 AM


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