Saturday, January 05, 2008


Got to hand it to John Kass for sticking with the Mike Mette story. This story has the potential to just fade away but with the help of Tribune writer John Kass at least it has a chance to stay in the arena of public opinion.

There's no real justice in Iowa politics
John Kass
January 4, 2008

During the caucuses, with national media crawling through their state, the Iowa establishment ignored Mette. Gov. Chet Culver, a Democrat who no doubt has heard the words "social justice" and perhaps even used the slogan, informed Mette's family there was nothing he could do. He's only the governor. more

Our heart goes out to the Mette family. According to the story Mike appreciates the letters he gets and would like to get more.......keep the letters coming.


Anonymous said...

Another great article by Kass. Keep those letters coming! Keep your head up Mike.

Anonymous said...

Vote for a man of Honor,one who served his country as a USAF flight surgeon and who has never voted to raise taxes in almost 20 years in Congress.
Ron Paul '08

Take America back,stop illegal immigration,higher taxes,restrictions on the 2nd Amendment and defend the US Constitution.

The voice of Freedom and Truth
Ron Paul '08

Anonymous said...

Off Topic Sgt. But >>>>>>>>>>>>
Stanley Tookie Williams was finally executed and our boy Jesse was there . Now we have to execute that other jerk Mumia Abu - Jamal. I wonder if Jesse will be there also. Maybe they should let him hold his hand. I'm suprised the Rev. Al wasn't on hand.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they let Jesse hold that murdering prick's hand, the person inserting the IV tube for the letal injection just might get the wrong hand.

A man can only dream.

Anonymous said...

Iowa again is dragging their heels on Mike's appeal. They are asking for another extension on filing their brief. This the second/third time they have asked for an extension. What are they afraid of???

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