Tuesday, October 24, 2006

20 claims from public trigger official action

"The superintendent will hold commanders accountable for knowing what is happening with their people and trying to get them help,"

When commanders and other supervisors feel the CRs and tactical response reports indicate an officer is engaging in a pattern of unacceptable behavior, the officer will receive training and counseling through the department's Behavioral Intervention System launched in 1998, Woods said.

We wonder how many Commanders will go to bat for their guys? We're betting plenty of Carhartts will be traded in for blue shirts.

The city hopes such intervention will save money: Between 2001 and 2005, Chicago has paid out $97.6 million for police misconduct claims

You want to save money? Fight the frivolous lawsuits. A couple cases where it cost these bloodsucking law firms money may make them reconsider the merits of the cases they take on.The public probably doesnt realize that their tax dollars go to settle these cases for fiscal expedience. In other words, cheaper to pay than fight.

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