Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Group Wants Boycott Of Dunkin' Donuts, Applebee's

Chicago, IL) -- An immigrant rights group is calling for a boycott of two national companies. Martino Unzuerta of the Chicago Workers Collaborative says Dunkin' Donuts and Applebee's are discriminating against illegal immigrants whose names don't match their social security numbers. The two companies are accused of firing illegals who use such phony numbers to obtain work. Federal law requires employers to match their employees with social security numbers

Is this guy kidding? He wants to boycott companies that comply with the law. The sad thing is he could only find two. Three cheers for Dunkin' Donuts and Applebee's.


Anonymous said...

You should post ALL the MERIT Sergeants and Lieutenants by NAME w/o regard for any privacy issues.
Let the rank and file make up their minds as to the qualifications of those listed. What are you soooo scared of?????

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should boycott FOP. The FOP Bd. of Dirs. today voted to no longer be mandated to attend roll calls for the $400.00 a month they receive, which equals %11,200 a month and $134,000 a year. The FOP inside reps. and Donahue will receive their $400.00 a month for NOTHING. The membership will be paying $2,800 a month and $33,600 a year in addition to Donahue's D8 pay ($165,000) a year and the other field reps. D5 pay ($120,000 - $125,000) a year. They also get to sell back their BFDs and Pers. at D8 and D5 pay in addition to getting duty avail. and uniform allowance. The Rich get Richer...the Poor Get Poorer. Why do they get $400.00 a month? Stop the nonsense.

happyjoyjoyjoy said...

what does the first comment have to do with the boycotts?
Okay, monkey explained to me and I am unconfused.
This is the funniest and most wrong thing with our free country. I will just have to start eating at Applebees and Dunkin more often with a thank you to every employee there.

united we stand divided we fall said...

Congressional Record: September 25, 2006 (House)]
[Page H6936]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov]


(Mr. POE asked and was given permission to address the House for 1
Mr. POE. Mr. Speaker, Federal judges have been trying to rip the
pledge of allegiance out of our schools and have prevented it from
being recited by school kids in nine States. Now our pledge is under
siege again. Our kids are being intimidated into pledging allegiance to
a foreign flag.
Velasco Elementary in Texas celebrated Mexican Independence Day by
handing out small Mexican flags and making children as young as pre-
kindergarten stand as parents recited the Mexican pledge in Spanish.
That pledge honors the heroes of Mexico, promising always to be
faithful and dedicate loyalty to that nation.
Pledging allegiance to a foreign flag is un-American. The principal
of the school, Sam Williams, justified reciting the pledge meekly by
saying, ``Well, we want to be diverse at our school.''
There is only one flag our children should uphold and hold. There is
only one pledge that they should recite. The Mexican Government and
illegals may have their sights on retaking the Southwest, but we will
not hand it over to them one student at a time. In the words of the
Texans who fought originally for Mexican independence, you'll have to
``come and take it.'' Our loyalty is to America, not to Mexico.
And that's just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

pour me another cup of black and I'll take a jelly donut...cheers to DD and Applebees

Crimefile said...

Glad to see you in the cop blogosphere! I put up a link to Second City Sarge on my blog today.

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.