Monday, October 16, 2006

BlackBerries may join cops on patrol


Now, the Police Department is field-testing 17 BlackBerries with officers assigned to bike and Segway patrols, narcotics and Area One gun teams. At least 100 more are expected to be ordered at the end of this month and distributed to specialized units, including organized-crime squads.
The goal is to get the time-saving devices into the hands of every officer on the street.

Actually sounds like a good idea. Have been using the new PDT’s and like the system but CLEAR rarely seems to be available. When CLEAR is up it is painfully slow. Hopefully by the time the blackberries are used many of the kinks in our current system will be worked out.
I’m running out of room on my belt!
Any interest in police technology read this link on POLICE ONE.COM


fillmoreranger said...

Well 2 things
1.what city hall hacks relative has the blackberry contract and really what is the need at the patrol level?

2. reading the police one article was very scary i see the constitution isn't going to last much longer.

Anonymous said...

So, they give me this Blackberry and I get into a foot chase and lose it or I get into a fight and have to roll around on the ground with this guy and "My" blackberry brakes, I'm not buying one to replace it. All good in theory, but is my home owners going to cover it, because I'm not dishing out $300.00 to replace somthing that we don't need on the street as a beat,tact or desk cop. Keep your Blackberry, make sure my pension is there, when I need it.

Anonymous said...

try giving everyone a new working computer in car!!!
before trying new shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Are these blackberries suppose to be on the gun belt or handheld. Besides your duty weapon, extra mags, cuffs 1 or 2 sets, pepper spray, flashlight, cell phone, radio, taser, keys.... God forbid you be able to move.

Anonymous said...

How about adding another 1,000 coppers to the force instead????

Crimefile said...

It’s a good thing that Chicago police officers enjoy their meals in our great restaurants. The fatter they get the more Inspector Gadget tyke crap they can put on their belts. Okay, I’ve been using a Blackberry for a couple of years now and would feel naked without it.

I find that the Blackberry is very lightweight and durable as long as you don't dump it in water. It is difficult to use in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Something no one has mentioned is that all nextel/sprint phones have GPS. That is all...........

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that can and is read by people other than Chicago Police Officers.