Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sergeant Richard Plotke Jr. was presented the Lambert Tree Award in a ceremony at City Hall

On 29 JAN 05 Sergeant Plotke was assisting 2 Morton Grove detectives serve an arrest warrant at 2900 W. Summerdale. Sergeant Plotke was confronted by an armed offender, a struggle ensued for the offenders weapon. The offender pointed the weapon at the sergeant and the sergeant fired his weapon killing the offender. A second armed offender began firing from the kitchen striking one of the detectives. The detective was shot in the chest but was saved by his vest. Sergeant Plotke and the other detective returned fire killing the second offender.

Congratulations on a job well done.


Anonymous said...

I'm not downplaying at all what Sgt. Plotke did, but being severely overlooked, which is probably fine by him, is Sgt. Frank Valadez of the TRU unit, who also received the Lambert Tree Award. Sgt. Valadez shot and killed an armed offender who was in possession of two guns and led officers on a high speed chase on the Dan Ryan; the offender originally dropped his weapon as if he was surrendering then pulled a second weapon as Sgt. Valadez approached, he was then shot and killed. The offender was wanted for a homicide in the 013th District. Excellent job Frank!

Anonymous said...

"Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaar kindly Sergeant Plotke, you gotta understand, it's just our bringing upkee that get's us out of hand! Our mother's all are junkies, our father's all our drunks. Gollee, Moses, naturally we're punks!!...."

Anonymous said...

Speaking of traffic enforcement...I heard a copper in 016 wrote another copper from 019 while in full uniform on his way to work for failing to keep in lanes after an accident? Any truth to the rumor or any side to the story that would make me think this 016th district copper is not a complete jagoff?

Anonymous said...

If there's a type B accident and the off duty officer is at fault, the on duty office doesn't have a choice in the matter. We all know the ticket will get tossed as soon as the damages are fixed. Give the guy a break!

Anonymous said...

Sorry,but nobody is putting a knife to your throat to write a ticket. Sackless. This department is going to hell in a handbasket.

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