Friday, October 20, 2006


Not too much in the way of news today. So we thought we would turn a comment we read into a post up for discussion.

Unknown Dispatcher says:
Use those damn TMAs to fill in for absentee crossing guards. It is unreal on 2nd watch how many patrol cars have to cover these spots daily!

Anyone up to answer this question , truthfully? Why can't desk personnel do the food run for the insiders, so we dispatchers do not have to hear "Oh squad, I've got a station run to xyz , no paper , right out of roll call

Someone down at OEMC is looking for answers. Anyone out there care to take this on?


Anonymous said...

How can we as a Sgt deny the beat car running for food when it is the W/C's food he is running for? But I do agree!

TheHatLives said...

Actually, Per the order, if the crossing guard cannot make it the District is supposed to use inside people before downing a beat car.

Anonymous said...

The posted letter sent to you only shows how ignorant the OEC training dept.and Oec has become.
There was a time po s taught classes, and the "corp cadre" (retired po's). There were also more cpd working the floor. I will be the first to admit civies will never ever know your job, but through osmosis you could at least absorb a drop of information from these men and women. Unfortunetly I don't see it getting any better and with every new class the gap of knowledge is widening. New kids don't believe what we are telling them. We are just "repeating tales from the past", as I was being put in my place (yea right) by a newbie.
The emphasis on getting the jobs out to cover the Hubbie stats is not far removed from the emphasis put on seatbelt missions at all cost.
Disregard the fact that the po's at the desk can't get a break or leave for lunch, are understaffed and in alot of cases overwork, disregard officer safety and bend the rules send 99 units on dist, dd, vice, transports etc without even attempting to get them an assist. Disregard the fact they put the copper on the spot and in a poss cr situation, stacking jobs while the unit is already stacked.
No respect for the working man/woman/dog is being taught.
Let me step off my soap box now.
Congratulations on the new blog site. Peace. Squad

Schicklegroover said...

Using TMAs to cover crossing guard spots is a GREAT suggestion. Nice work "unknown dispatcher!" BTW-why is the absenteeism so high with those crossing guards? Why is it CPDs responsibility to walk kids across the street while violent crimes are occuring elswhere? This would be fine if we lived in Mayberry but we don't. Maybe I am uninformed but I don't think our jobs are interchangeable. Do crossing guards handle my in-progess jobs when I take a sick day?

Anonymous said...

And we always follow the order. LAUGHING!

fillmoreranger said...

Actually, Per the order, if the crossing guard cannot make it the District is supposed to use inside people before downing a beat car.

WHAT!!!! have the daytime dollies on the desk go out on the street? You sir are talking treason!

Anonymous said...

Thats why they are on the desk in the first place, they're lazy.

Anonymous said...

new blog,

Anonymous said...

Some officers on the desk really did work 15 yrs plus on the street.

Anonymous said...

Desk personnel work their asses off. I don't think that someone who gets the breaks that you get should complain about a car being down so they can eat while they are finishing the 20 or so reports, bonding out multiple prisoners, doing the AA's, work sheets, radio logs, transmittals, traffic crash transmittal, futures, contact card entries, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Give them a break and let them eat.

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