Tuesday, October 31, 2006


How refreshing it is to see the press find witness' that actually witnessed the shooting.

Ramon Lowe, who saw the shooting from his home on Augusta, said one officer first approached the stolen car with his hand on his hip, tapping on the windows. Then the backseat passenger raised the AK-47 and the officer jumped back, startled.
Lowe said the driver of the car was crouching as he pointed a handgun out the window. "It looked like a movie,'' Lowe said, adding that the shooting lasted for what seemed to be four to five minutes.

Had this shooting occurred at Congress & Central Park the press would be knee deep in "eye witness'" who saw the police just execute those boys. Questions would be asked "how come they just didn't shot the gun out his hands?"
Video from the hospital showed possible family members/friends of the dead offenders "falling out" in hysteria. Will tonight's news have video from grieving relatives of the dead "hit men"? Once the media learns who these guys are it will not take long for their families angry faces to be plastered on the T.V.
Our thoughts and well wishes for a speedy recovery to the officer who suffered the loss of his finger. Also our thoughts and respect go out to the fine officers who had to endure this traumatic experience. Great Job Guys!

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