Monday, February 26, 2007


Mexican anger over US 'trespass'
Many Mexicans see the border barrier as offensive
Mexico's Congress has condemned what it says is a border violation by US workers building a controversial barrier between the two countries.

Legislators say workers and equipment building a section of the barrier have gone 10 metres (yards) into Mexico.

Seriously? 1.2 million illegal immigrants were arrested in 2005 crossing the border. Where is the outrage over that? Their complaints aren't based on an "ugly" fence going up between neighbors. Their concerns are for the new hurdles that "illegals" will have to face. Without "illegals" freely pouring into this country Mexico has to face its inability to exist without the influx of dollars that "illegals" send back home.

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Anonymous said...

This country is doomed. The political correct attitude will bury us all. Fuck Mexico, get a yob in your own country jose.

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