Monday, February 19, 2007


We here at SCS are having a tough time coming up with interesting subjects to post about lately. We don't seem to be the only ones afflicted with this problem. Second City Dick has disappeared from the blogosphere and without any warning. Many folks may have their theories but we know how tough it is to blog day in and day out and come up with something of interest. People seem to forget that this is only a hobby and we have families and jobs just like everyone else.
The guy/guys at Second City Cop, in our opinion, do an incredible job of striking a nerve and eliciting responses from the positive to the negative,the ignorant to the intelligent, the sophomoric to the moronic and some just plain outright funny comments. So today we were a little surprised when we went over to their site and it appeared they may have been posting just to post. Today they covered a couple of rumors from 007 and 12, the new dollar coins and Britney Spears. This isn't a knock on them as much as it is a conformation to us that we have to dig a little deeper to create stories of interest.


leomemorial said...

I had the same problem when I first started the po memorial. Work, life, and what to post to draw interest (aside from remembering our fallen officers)

Just be yourself and let it flow when need be. That's why SCC rocks. That and the fact he doesn't use Dippity Doo hair gel.

Anonymous said...

Did the Sgt 'union' really give up the vision ins in their last contract?

Anonymous said...

how much do sgt's make nowadays?

Anonymous said...

not enough

Anonymous said...

Phil Cline will be around for anothern 2 years
you can take that to the bank and
be happy he's the best we've had as a leader with the CPD for 25yrs thank you Phil

SCC said...

Aw, c'mon now - Britney's meltdown is like a slow motion train wreck. The punchlines almost write themselves.

And we were hoping the dollar coins being used to tip strippers would make more people laugh than anything else that was in the news that day.

But you're right - some days it's harder to post than others. Too much of what we end up writing about is problems we see in the Department and problems coppers bring upon ourselves. Still, it's better than drinking in the tavern every night. Or so we were told.


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