Monday, February 26, 2007


Endorsed Candidates – 2007 Municipal Elections
Mayor No Endorsement
City Clerk No Endorsement
City Treasurer No Endorsement

Aldermanic Ward
1st No Endorsement
2nd Larry Doody
3rd No Endorsement
4th No Endorsement
5th No Endorsement
6th No Endorsement
7th No Endorsement
8th No Endorsement
9th Anthony A. Beale*
10th John A. Pope**
11th James A. Balcer**
12th Carina E. Sanchez
13th Frank J. Olivo*
14th Edward M. Burke**
15th Shawn D. Monroe, Sr.
16th L. Elizabeth Lewis
17th No Endorsement
18th Lona Lane*
19th Virginia A. Rugai**
20th Willie B. Cochran
21st Leroy J. Jones, Jr.
22nd Ricardo Munoz*
23rd Michael R. Zalewski*
24th No Endorsement
25th No Endorsement
26th Billy Ocasio*
27th No Endorsement
28th No Endorsement
29th Isaac “Ike” Sims Carothers**
30th Ariel E. Reboyras**
31st Regner “Ray” Suarez*
32nd Ted Matlak*
33rd No Endorsement
34th No Endorsement
35th Rey Colon*
36th William J.P. Banks*
37th No Endorsement
38th Thomas R. Allen*
39th No Endorsement
40th Patrick J. O’Connor*
41st Brian G. Doherty*
42nd No Endorsement
43rd Tim Egan
44th No Endorsement
45th Patrick J. Levar**
46th No Endorsement
47th Gene Schulter*
48th No Endorsement
49th Joe Moore*
50th Naisy Dolar
* Incumbent
** Member of the Police & Fire Committee

FOP Endorsement
Mayor No Endorsement
Clerk Miguel Del Valle
Treasurer Stephanie Neely
1st Ward No Endorsement
2nd Ward Larry Doody
3rd Ward No Endorsement
4th Ward Toni Preckwinkle
5th Ward No Endorsement
6th Ward K. Norington-Reaves
7th Ward Ron David
8th Ward Cliff Underwood
CPD Detective
9th Ward Anthony Beale
10th Ward John Pope
11th Ward James Balcer
12th Ward Carina Sanchez
13th Ward Frank Olivo
14th Ward Ed Burke
15th Ward Shawn Monroe
CPD Officer
16th Ward L. Elizabeth Lewis
17th Ward No Endorsement
18th Ward Joseph Ziegler
19th Ward Virginia Rugai
20th Ward Willie Cochran
Rtd. CPD Sgt.
21st Ward Leroy Jones
22nd Ward Ricardo Munoz
23rd Ward Michael Zalewski
24th Ward No Endorsement
25th Ward No Endorsement
26th Ward Billy Ocasio
27th Ward Walter Burnett
28th Ward No Endorsement
29th Ward Ike Carothers
30th Ward Ariel Reboyras
31st Ward Ray Suarez
32nd Ward Ted Matlak
33rd Ward No Endorsement
34th Ward B.K. Kelly,
CPD Officer
35th Ward Rey Colon
36th Ward William Banks
37th Ward No Endorsement
38th Ward Tom Allen
39th Ward Margaret Laurino
40th Ward Pat O’Connor
41st Ward Brian Doherty
42nd Ward Brendan Reilly
43rd Ward Michele Smith
44th Ward No Endorsement
45th Ward Pat Levar
46th Ward No Endorsement
47th Ward Gene Schulter
48th Ward Mary Ann Smith
49th Ward Joe Moore
50th Ward Naisy Dolar


Anonymous said...

Why didn't the PB&PA/FOP endorse Maida for the 23rd ward I believe? Isn't he a SGT? In 008?? Anyone have any word or comment on this??

leomemorial said...

Good luck to Sergeant Maida. I wish him the very best!!

Anonymous said...

How come no one endorsed Sgt. Don MARKHAM for Alderman of the 41st ward? Don is a great guy, who would only improve that area.
What spineless people we have on this job...GO DONNIE!!!


I would hope that the various officers that are seeking elected office as alderman officialy requested the endrsements of PB&PA and FOP.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Maida is a Sgt. in 008. Very good guy. Got to be better than Zalewski.

Anonymous said...

PBPA sent out letters to all the candidates. I guess Don Markham didn't reply. I've never seen him at a meeting anyway, must not have much time in grade.

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