Monday, February 19, 2007


Lawmakers propose new legislation to punish parents for underage drinking By Paul MeinckeABC7

February 19, 2007 - There is a proposal in Illinois to crack down on parents and other adults who provide teenagers with alcohol or a place to party. This follows several deaths and injuries involving underage drinking in the Chicago area over the last several years.

State lawmakers are proposing tougher penalties for adults who help teens drink. The proposal would make the offense a felony with penalties ranging from thousands of dollars in fines to prison time.

We have heard from a few misguided parents in the past, "kids are going to drink I might as well keep an eye on them". Well the prospect of facing civil litigation wasn't enough to persuade these people that it wasn't in their best interest to host teen drinking parties. Hopefully facing felony charges and the prospect of loosing all you own in civil court might just be what it takes to convince the "cool" parent to say no! Yeah they probably will still get drunk but be a parent not a friend and stop enabling your kids and their friends.

Hot dog seller cited for foie gras-laced sausages The Associated Press Washington Post
Aldermen passed a foie gras ban in August because of what animal rights activists say is the inhumane way geese and ducks are force-fed to plump up their livers. The ordinance passed over the veto of Mayor Richard Daley, who called it the "silliest" ordinance the City Council has ever passed.

Why stop at Foie gras? At this rate the ability to buy hot dogs, hamburgers, Italian beef and sausage pizza will be things of the past. No longer would you be able to buy leather shoes, coats, baseballs, footballs and so on. Come on aldermen when is the push for organic vegetables coming?

A law that moved "spring forward" three weeks earlier brings problems for software that automatically changes time TRIBUNE

Microsoft planned to send its daylight-saving patch to Windows PCs with the "automatic update" feature last week. Users with automatic updates turned off should download the patch from Microsoft. (New machines running Windows Vista are immune, since Vista was finalized after the 2005 law passed.)

However, computers running anything older than the most recent version of Windows XP, known as Service Pack 2, no longer get this level of tech support. Owners of those PCs should go into the control panel and unclick the setting that tells the machine to automatically change the clock for daylight-saving time. They have to make the change themselves when the moment arrives.

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