Sunday, February 11, 2007


The above link was sent to us courtesy of one of our readers. Another of our readers suggested we compare the ratio of officers to investigators and officers to supervisors as compared to other agencies.
We looked at the tables and immediately found a discrepancy. According to this chart a new sergeants salary is $47,190 and the chart does not tell us the ratios of patrolmen to supervisors. Go ahead and view the site and come to your own conclusions. Thanks to the reader who sent the link.


Anonymous said...

It would appear that the data is from the year 2000. I would suspect that the percentages have not changed much over the last 7 years, even if we have had some pay increases.

Anonymous said...

9% for Chicago
17% for LA
23% for New York

Anonymous said...

Well, this was fun.

The wife and I went looking at open houses today. We really want to be north, but for a brief moment considered moving to Garfield Ridge.

I checked the crime stats for the west end of G.R. I was appalled by the criminal histories of some of the current residents. Forget that. We will suffer and pay more for living safely up north.

Today we looked in Big Oaks and Norwood Park (not The Triangle, mind you). I am well aware that the farther north you go the farther north the prices go, but I was unaware that the sellers were permitted to leave their houses in such horrible conditions. If the houses were updated and well cared for MAYBE they could fetch the prices they were asking, but not the houses we looked at today.

The first house was allegedly owned by a retired CPD. I almost puked when we walked in. The hard wood was creaky and actually worn out in spots. The wood was pulling away from the base boards, which were loose themselves. NOTHING in the house was updated since the 1970's. The garage looked like it was in a fire or had bad water damage. I'd say there would have to be $50,-75,000 worth of upgrades needed.

We looked at two that were 2 bedrooms. I have learned that there is no such thing as a starter home anymore. If the first three in the Zip code are 606 it's $400,000+. As a young couple why would I spend $400,000 on a 2 bed house? To upgrade to a $500,000 3 bed later? I don't make enough to get the $400,000 one first!

The forth house was nice. It was a short range. The dining table was in the basement! Ok.

The houses north of I-90 were jokes. Two has similar make ups. One was an estate sale and the other the old granny was moved out so the kids can try to sell the house. Both had not been updated since the 1950's! I'm all for nostagia, but these two were just sick. I thought I was back in the burbs walking into my grandparent's house! I was looking for the framed picture of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

At final open house, a bungalow 2 doors off of Touhy ave, the realtor had to jiggle the stuck screen door several times before he could get it to open. Before we even stepped in, we asked the agent how much they were asking. Without batting any eye, he told us $465,000. We chuckled, turned around and left.

Guess we will continue to rent.

Anonymous said...


I need 600 sergeants to retire, resign or get promoted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I also notice the discrepancy in the allocation of Detectives in our department.

6% when 10% is considered typical and more is even better.

Anonymous said...

"Without batting any eye, he told us $465,000. We chuckled, turned around and left.

Guess we will continue to rent."

Hey greatest Department& great pay right? Maybe you can work your 6th sidejob to afford the monthly nut.

Still glad you took the Job& are forced to live in a city you can't afford?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the other large city departments in the country are up around 15 to 20 percent. We are about 8 percent. City hall knows that dicks dont bring money into the government they cost the government money. Court, jail, due process all that shit costs money. All these ass holes want is ticket revenue. It costs money to lock up criminals.

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