Friday, February 23, 2007


$9 mil. award for crooked cop's terror

Released Inmates Claim City Isn't Honoring $14.8M Settlement

Attorney: City to pay man's family $5.25 million

It has been a hell of a month so far and the next few don't look very promising.
The SOS scandal will be headlines in the near future and the Doruniuk case will eventually come up. Our contracts will expire this June and the city will continue settling nuisance cases.
Keep your head up and be safe....don't let the bastards get you down


Anonymous said...

Hey sgt,visiting from scc,I heard you dont mind suggestions for topics? Here is one, how about our new stars,what opinions the troops have on them? These stars are losing the letters on them, I,ve even seen where the city emblem has fallen off. Finally do you know if the dept. plans to have them repaired. Man miss my old star.

Anonymous said...

Chicago rips P.O. Vazquez's burial services

Brothers, let's give this guy some greif. I almost threw up when I read this. The nerve.

Anonymous said...

If the city made people like Ray Risley pay for their misconduct then they would have second thoughts about doing what they do.

TheHatLives said...

The Ware case is just incredible. The Jury was not allowed to hear many of the facts surrounding the case. The Police and Responding paramedics were handcuffed in their testimony. When we testify we have to swear to tell the truth but then much of the truth is thrown out before we testify. If the jury was able to hear what really happened there is no way they would have given out any money. Blame the Judge who allows these BS motions.

Anonymous said...

I heard that a class of sgts from the new list will number about 100 or more and should be forming soon.
Anyone 10-4 me on that?

Anonymous said...


The floggings will continue until morale improves

dilligaf said...

"I heard that a class of sgts from the new list will number about 100 or more and should be forming soon.
Anyone 10-4 me on that?"

Woo Hoo, maybe I can get off 1st watch by the end of 2007....

Anonymous said...

I would guess that a new class of Sgts. WOULD have to be forming up soon. The last class is barely on the street...already, clout Sgts. from that class have been snatched up from patrol, and moved back into units. SO MUCH FOR GIVING THE RESOURCES BACK TO PATROL, SUPT!!

Anonymous said...

The request for merit sgts nominations just came over the fax today. Class can't be far behind.

Anonymous said...

It will be about September before any new Sgts get to districts.

4 weeks to submit merit requests
6 weeks to pick merit
12 weeks in Det school
6 weeks in class

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