Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Quotes courtesy Chicago Tribune
The city has settled with the family of Cornelius Ware for $5.25 million.
The attorney for the family, Jon Loevy, stands to make lots of money for his firm.
Jennifer Hoyle of the city's Law Department said police have maintained that the shooting was justified and that the city is not acknowledging any wrongdoing by settling the case at this stage.

The jury was to return this week to consider damages and this settlement protects the involved officers from any financial liability.
Chicago Police Supt. Philip Cline defended the officers Monday.

"The jury never heard evidence that was crucial in this case," Cline said. "Evidence that illustrated the plaintiff had a conviction for [unlawful use of a weapon], that he was involved in a drive-by shooting and that a gun he possessed the night before was traced to a homicide.

"It's unfortunate and even more discouraging for officers who risk their lives every day to keep our streets safe."

Never has the Superintendent been more right!
"When the city of Chicago takes the position that no matter what the facts, no matter what the situation, it's always going to be justified, Loevy said. "Then the people in the city of Chicago have no reason to believe the city.
Since when have you cared about the people of Chicago? The only thing you care about Mr. Loevy is income. People who live in crime ridden areas often ask the police why they can't do more to the criminal element. I truly believe that the efforts of firms like Loevy & Loevy have hamstrung hard working policemen and the good people of Chicago pay literally and figuratively.
According to the Loevy & Loevy website "the guiding principle governing our decision process can be summarized very simply: achieving justice." Bullshit! Its money!
Read for yourself the Loevy & Loevy Website and see what contempt this firm has for the police.
If its all about justice why hasn't Jon Loevy taken on the wrongful deaths of policemen at the hands of cold blooded murderers? The answer: Money!


Anonymous said...

How many sgt's is the city budgeted for? How many do we actually have. I know we are short everywhere b/c Homan Square has everybody but what are the actual numbers.

Anonymous said...

Will you walk with me, Grasshopper?Ahhh this you are curious about my son?

Anonymous said...

We probably would be staffed in the districts if TRU had not stolen them from us.

Anonymous said...

I checked the seniority with office automation a couple of days ago, there were 1310 sergeants.

Anonymous said...

whens the next sgt's class??

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