Thursday, February 01, 2007

Free parking

Here is a story in the SUN-TIMES about a S&S supervisor who used a city garage to store his personal vehicle. The supervisor is taking 30 days. We wonder if the same case could be made against district commanders or watch commanders who seem to think the sally-port is their personal garage?


Anonymous said...

On the southside, in one district I've been to, the W/C parks his/her car in the sally port and refuses to allow p.o.'s to park the bad guys car in there in order to do a search-even in cold weather. Unbelievable how they treat those guys. A friend told me that about every month, a car gets stolen from the parking lot while they are waiting for the tow they have to park their car in front of the car being towed. That's ok, they only have to keep walking outside three times more than they would if it was in the sally port!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Inspector McMahon, aka "Big Bird" will have the balls to write these W/C's up for doing this. After all, he writes everything else up.

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